what do we do?  shipyards of course!

Graving Docks / Basin Docks

Whether it be a granite dock built in 1851, or a concrete graving dock with 20-foot thick floor slab built for the U.S. Navy for WWII, SYE understands all the workings and requirements to keep these critical assets up and running.


In 1957, Mr. Raymond Pearlson invented and built the first Syncrolift® Shiplift with a lifting capacity of 100 tons.  Today, SYE proudly works with Pearlson Shiplift Corporation on shiplift related projects, by supporting any aspect of the civil works.

Marine Railways

Marine Railways utilize mechanical systems, using either wire ropes or chains to drydock a vessel on the cradle platform.  Our team of engineers and divers know how to inspect, adjust and keep your railway running safely and smoothly.

Floating Dry Docks

Floating dry docks offer a variety of challenges and maintenance issues that our team can help you with.  Our team has the experience needed to support any of your floating dry dock needs, from inspection services to stability calculations.


At Shipyard Engineering, LLC, we use our collective experience, partner with industry experts when necessary, and create our own methodology to focus on your exact needs.


We know that our reputation is only as good as the results of our last job. That's why we pride ourselves on a results-oriented approach and repeat business.


We provide engineering services to shipyards and dry docks in all their types and forms. Keeping the maritime industry going strong is our day-to-day mission.

Dry Docks

Drydocking facilities are unique structures which require a special knowledge and understanding to inspect, design and maintain. Our company's focus is on shipyard related projects.  Ask us how we can leverage our expertise on your behalf.

Our Services

  • U.S. Navy MIL-STD-1625D(SH) Material Condition Surveys, Control Inspections, FCR's
  • U.S. Coast Guard Dry Dock and Lifting Cradle Inspection and Certification (SFLC 8634)
  • Commercial Certification (ASCE, MSC, MARAD)
  • Facility audit and condition assessments 
  • Concept studies / facility re-use programs
  • New design / rehabilitation / facility modifications
  • Shipyard manuals (Safety, Operations, Maintenance, Quality, etc.)​
  • Shipyard Standard Operating Procedures
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