Our services do not include Dockmaster training.  We recommend you contact the DM Consulting by clicking the link to the right:

  • ISO 9001-2008 "LITE" Training, Audits, Process Review & Development.
  • Specialized training specific to your needs.  Ask us how we can help.
  • SYE is a proud supporter, presenter & sponsor of the 2014 Dry Dock Conference 

Training / seminars / conferences

  • Inspection, certification & U.S. Navy Certification document support.
  • Controls, water level sensors, electrical troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance Overhauls (Inspections, Planning, Management, Oversight, etc.)
  • Landside Civil Works (Piers, Fenders & Misc. Structural Support)​.
  • Inspection (above and below water), evaluation & Certification.
  • Structural analysis / capacity analysis of cradle and railway.
  • Line and Grade Survey.
  • Repair, adjustment, modification, overhaul & new design.
  • Equipment and replacement parts (coming soon).
  • U.S. Navy MIL-STD-1625D(SH) Dry Dock Material Condition Surveys, Control Inspections, Certification Documentation, Procedures & Facility Certification Reports (FCR's).
  • U.S. Coast Guard SFLC 8634 Dry Dock & Lifting Cradle Inspection and Certification.  SYE is a certifying agency for the U.S. Coast Guard and we issue the Certification Documents.
  • Facility Inspection and Dry Dock Commercial Certification (ASCE, MSC, MARAD)​.  SYE is a certifying agency and we issue the Dry Dock Commercial Certification Documents.
  • ​OSHA 2268-10R2014 dry dock compliance inspections.

marine railways


floating dry docks

Graving Docks / Basin Docks

Inspection & certification

Our Services


  • Facility Certification Reports.
  • Quality Manuals (Based Upon ISO 9001-2008).
  • Safety Manuals, Safety Procedures (OSHA:  29 CFR 1910, 29 CFR 1915, 29 CFR 1926).
  • Maintenance Manuals, Maintenance Cards, Maintenance Overhaul Report & Documentation.
  • Standard Operating Procedures.

Our services do not include travel lift design.  However, we will conduct inspection of the entire facility and issue Certification. 

  • Finger Pier / bulkhead Inspection (above and below water), evaluation & Certification.
  • Finger pier rehabilitation & design.
  • Bulkhead & land level facility design.

Travel lifts

Our services do not include shiplift new design or shiplift electrical-mechanical maintenance. We recommend you contact the shiplift experts at Pearlson Shiplift Corporation by clicking here:

  • Shiplift Civil Works Inspection (above and below water), evaluation & new design.
  • Landside facility & transfer system inspection, repair, modification & new design.
  • Landside Civil Works (Piers, Fenders & Misc. Structural Support)​.

Our services do not currently include floating dry dock new design.  We recommend you contact the floating dry dock experts at Heger Dry Dock, Inc. by clicking here:

  • Inspection, evaluation & Certification
  • Structural analysis / capacity analysis of floor slabs & basin walls (static, hydrostatic & seismic).
  • Repair, modification, extension, recommissioning / re-use, life-extension & new design.
  • Closure Gate (Floating Caisson Gate & Hinged Gate) inspection, repair, modification & overhaul.
  • Pressure relief systems, dewatering facilities, flood tunnels, & critical infrastructure evaluation.

Our services include a full range of engineering and consulting services in the following areas: